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Discover the Tarn, our « Passion Country » through the vineyards of Gaillac

The Terrisses Estate  is situated on the first hills overlooking the town of Gaillac.

It's clay and milestone soil and warm mediterranean climate tempered bu Atlantic influence are ideal conditions in which to grox the best of wines.

All 63 acres of the Terrisses Estate are planted with traditional varieties of vine chich give the Estate the right to stand high in the ranks of wine producers vithe the label guaranteeing the quality of their wine (« Appellation Gaillac »).

Our wine-making methods, handed down through the centuries, and thecare we take, give pir wines the quality and unique taste which you will be proud to have at your table.

Our experience and skil acquiered over 7 generations guarante the quality of our produce. We recommend our entire palette of wines which will delight connoisseurs in all occasions.

Our wines obtain medals every year at shows in Paris, Toulouse and Gaillac.

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EARL CAZOTTES - Domaine des Terrisses 81600 GAILLAC - Phone

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